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Demonstration of your one-week-placements opportunities within the 18 months programme

18 months permanent contract

During your monthly placements you will undertake specific individual training to ensure you gain a multitude of skills and insights into how we work and what our business entails:

Moderation and presentation gives you invaluable presentation techniques and develops confidence to appear before and moderate groups.

Self-management will ensure you can prioritise your working day and ensure you manage everything efficiently.

In project and process management you will learn how to develop processes and to manage your projects effectively to ensure smooth delivery.

We will also show you how to bring out your personality in your work and help make sure you are the picture of professionalism. This allows you to analyse your own behaviour and identify areas for growth.

You will also develop leadership skills that will allow you to lead others by example.

Our relationship and communication management training means you will be perfectly suited to explain to others what you want and how you want it - clearly.

Coaching and conflict management will help you to develop your skills and abilities to enable you to manage difficult situations and build valuable relationships.

Continuous improvement strategies (Lean/Six Sigma) will ensure you can identify opportunities to improve and/or eliminate business processes or waste through applying tried and tested improvement tools.

Intercultural management helps you understand intercultural sensitivity, peculiarities, stereotypes, clichés and "Time" in different countries.

Finally our change management training does exactly what it implies, which is to help you manage change and make sure you are able to communicate the reasons clearly and effectively.

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