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Unique development propositions

We are part of one of the world's largest tyre companies, but we are not like everyone else! Unlike other large multinationals we are a modern, process orientated company with flat hierarchies that offer talented people attractive and challenging development opportunities.

Our Graduate Development programme offers you a unique start to your future role at Goodyear Dunlop.

That is why we are looking for talented graduates, just like you, to join our company and play an integral role in the future success of our business.

What we are offering you

The opportunity to join a globally recognized household name through a prestigious eighteen-months European programme commencing in March each year. It offers opportunities to work in diverse business roles, divisions and locations across Europe.

What does your GOODYEAR DUNLOP journey look like?

Your permanent employment contract will be set up for one year in your chosen field and during that time you will undertake one-week placements every 3 months in different departments learning all aspects of the business process - from R&D, IT, Controlling, Manufacturing, Finance, Logistics and Retail, through to Marketing, Sales and HR.

During these monthly placements you will also undertake specific individual training to ensure you gain a multitude of skills and insights into how we work and what our business entails.

What does this mean for you?

Not only will you get to interact with our top executives with opportunities to work on strategic business issues and project assignments combined with day-to-day work, but you will also have a wealth of opportunities for networking with other trainees, senior managers and specialists.

You will gain practical experience in different job roles, with the chance to obtain international experience and the occasion to work overseas.

What do we want from you?

Exceptional enthusiasm, ambition and above all talent.

You should have an excellent university degree, language skills (fluency in English is essential and another language is a bonus) and any experience working overseas would be seen as a plus.

We are looking for applicants with great communication skills, proactive problem solving, influencing and negotiation skills combined with a strong team ethic and high degree of flexibility and mobility (nationally and internationally). Leadership potential and an entrepreneurial mindset are vital.


That's great!

To apply within our recruiting system, please submit the following documents:

  1. Your CV (resume)
  2. Your personal application letter

Our recruitment process:

  1. Application screening
  2. Telephone interview
  3. Assessment Centre
  4. Start 1st of March every year

Contact details:
Goodyear Dunlop Europe
Eva Terlinde
European Graduate Project Manager
Tel.: 0032-2761-1858

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